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Tokyo SkyTree stands as a modern marvel, piercing the skyline of Tokyo, Japan, with its awe-inspiring height and innovative design.

It is the tallest structure in Japan and the second-tallest in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

SkyTree effortlessly surpasses the height of Tokyo Tower, its iconic predecessor.

It offers a visual feast, allowing visitors to witness Tokyo’s vast urban expanse and natural beauty from incredible heights.

The tower’s design combines modern architecture with traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Its unique shape reflects a “Tokyo-Basara,” a traditional Japanese knife, and its lighting system allows it to change colors, adding to its visual appeal.

It is also a vital broadcasting and telecommunications tower and plays an important role in the city’s economy and culture. It’s a true multi-purpose wonder.

This iconic structure is a testament to human engineering, a cultural symbol, and a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring Tokyo.

This article covers everything you must know before booking the tickets.

Tickets for Tokyo Tower
# Tickets
# Pass: Tokyo Skytree + Sumida Aquarium
# Tokyo Skytree & 24-Hour Tokyo Subway Ticket

Where to book tickets

Tickets are available online or at the attraction. We recommend buying tickets online as it has many benefits.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

When you book early, you also get your preferred time slot.

Because some attractions sell a limited number of tickets, during peak days they may sell out. Booking early helps avoid last-minute disappointments.

How do online tickets work

Go to the ticket booking page, select the preferred date, time slot, and number of tickets, and buy the tickets.

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets by email.

There is no requirement to bring any printouts.

On the day of your visit, you can walk in and show the e-ticket on your smartphone at the entrance and enjoy the tallest view.

Tokyo SkyTree ticket prices

Tembo Deck Floor 350 weekday tickets are priced at ¥1,800 for those above 18 years, ¥1,400 for the youth between 12 and 17, and ¥850 for children between six and 11.

Tembo Deck Floor 350 weekend tickets are priced at ¥2,000 for those above 18 years, ¥1,500 for the youth between 12 and 17, and ¥900 for children between six and 11.

Tembo Deck Floor 350 & Galleria 450 weekday tickets are priced at ¥2,700 for those above 18 years, ¥2,150 for the youth between 12 and 17, and ¥1,300 for children between six and 11.

Tembo Deck Floor 350 & Galleria 450 weekend tickets are priced at ¥3,000 for those above 18 years, ¥2,350 for the youth between 12 and 17, and ¥1,400 for children between six and 11.

Tokyo SkyTree tickets

Tokyo SkyTree

Tokyo’s iconic landmark, offers stunning views from two observation decks.

It serves various functions, including broadcasting television and radio signals, hosting observation decks, housing a shopping complex, and offering dining experiences.

One can easily say that the Tower is a towering testament to Japanese ingenuity and engineering prowess.

The tower was designed to withstand earthquakes and typhoons, and it is equipped with several safety features, including a hybrid steel-concrete structure and a tuned mass damper.

Experience this architectural wonder’s breathtaking panorama, and walk through a glass tunnel to reach the 451.2-meter-high (1480 ft) pinnacle.

Ticket  Prices

Tembo Deck Floor 350
Adult Ticket (18+ years): ¥1,800
Child Ticket (6 to 11 years): ¥850
Youth Ticket (12 to 17 years): ¥1,400
Adult Ticket (18+ years): ¥2,000
Child Ticket (6 to 11 years): ¥900
Youth Ticket (12 to 17 years): ¥1,500

Tembo Deck Floor 350 & Galleria 450
Adult Ticket (18+ years): ¥2,700
Child Ticket (6 to 11 years): ¥1,300
Youth Ticket (12 to 17 years): ¥2,150
Adult Ticket (18+ years): ¥3,000
Child Ticket (6 to 11 years): ¥1,400
Youth Ticket (12 to 17 years): ¥2,350

Tokyo Skytree Pass: Tokyo Skytree + Sumida Aquarium

Tokyo Skytree + Sumida Aquarium

Get a special entry to Tokyo’s iconic Skytree with a special pass.

The pass ensures access to the Observation Deck at 350 meters (1148 ft) and the thrilling Observation Corridor at 450 meters (1476 ft)  above the ground.

Marvel at the world’s tallest freestanding radio tower as it offers breathtaking 360° views that stretch up to 70 kilometers (43 miles) on clear days.

Explore the captivating Sumida Aquarium, home to over 7,000 sea creatures from 260 species.

Encounter fur seals, penguins, and an array of marine life in the massive 350,000-liter tank—Japan’s largest indoor open-air aquarium.

Take a journey through the glass-walled corridor to the tower’s highest point.

This combo experience promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Tokyo’s unique attractions.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (18+ years): ¥4,270
Elementary Student Ticket (6 to 11 years): ¥2,040
Junior Student Ticket (12 to 14 years): ¥2,690
Senior Student Ticket (15 to 17 years): ¥3,230

Tokyo Skytree & 24-Hour Tokyo Subway Ticket

24-Hour Tokyo Subway

Experience Tokyo like never before with a comprehensive package that grants you access to the iconic combo on the Tokyo Subway for 24 hours.

Enjoy the view of Tokyo from the tallest structure in the city and the convenience of unlimited rides on the Tokyo Subway for 24 hours.

Traverse the city’s vast expanse easily, utilizing all Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro lines.

With this exceptional ticket, you’ll explore Tokyo’s heights and horizons and navigate its vibrant neighborhoods effortlessly.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (18+ years): ¥3,050
Youth Ticket (12 to 17 years): ¥2,550
Child Ticket (6 to 11 years): ¥1,500

Adult Ticket (18+ years): ¥3,300
Youth Ticket (12 to 17 years): ¥2,700
Child Ticket (6 to 11 years): ¥1,550

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Tokyo SkyTree hours

Stays open from 10 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday.

It stays operational from 9 am to 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

However, the timings are subject to change without notice.

Best time to visit Tokyo Skytree

If you prefer a smaller crowd, then the best time to visit is when it opens at 10 am. This is the time when the observation deck is less busy.

During the day, you can see tall buildings stretching out for miles, and even the summit of Mt. Fuji (this is dependent on the weather and clear sky).

Undoubtedly, daytime is the best time to visit for the spectacle of modern-day Japan.

However, if you prefer stunning views from the observation deck, it is undoubtedly around sunset time.

Seeing hundreds of thousands of lights from Tokyo’s tallest point is surely a unique experience.

You can also see the Tokyo Tower glowing in its iconic red and white lights far away.

A night visit may not offer the natural beauty of Tokyo, but it is a great time if you want to see the city in its full glory.

Planning your visit on weekdays is better as weekends attract more visitors.

If you consider the budget before your visit, please note that the ticket prices are less expensive on weekdays.

How long does the Tokyo SkyTree observation take

The duration of the visit to SkyTree can vary, but we recommend visitors to spend at least 1.5 to 2 hours for a better experience.

Again, as there are no strict timings, some visitors stay there from evening to night to get the wonderful city’s daytime and nighttime views.

Tokyo SkyTree vs Tokyo Tower

In Tokyo, two iconic landmarks offer incredible vistas and unique experiences: Tokyo SkyTree and Tokyo Tower. This section compares these architectural wonders, exploring their features. Find out what suits best for you:

Tokyo SkyTree

This is one of the tallest freestanding towers in the world. This remarkable height allows visitors to enjoy unparalleled panoramic views of Tokyo and beyond.

This offers visitors not one but two remarkable observation decks: Tembo Deck and the Tembo Galleria, the former at 350 meters (1148 ft) up and the latter at 450 meters (1476 ft) up.

While offers a unique and one-of-a-kind experience, it tends to be relatively more expensive, with ticket prices starting from ¥1,800.

The cost is well worth it for those craving the thrill of seeing Tokyo from such great heights.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, an enduring city symbol, has been a beloved landmark since 1958.

Though not as tall, Tokyo Tower stands impressively at 333 meters (1,093 feet).

It may be shorter in stature, but its striking design and vivid orange color make it an equally recognizable and iconic feature of Tokyo’s skyline.

Tokyo Tower has a rich history and has been a part of Tokyo’s landscape since 1958, making it a cherished symbol for locals and visitors.

Tokyo Tower offers a single observation deck at 150 meters (492 ft) above ground.

Visitors can enjoy sweeping vistas of Tokyo’s urban landscape from this vantage point.

Tokyo Tower is known for its more budget-friendly ticket prices, with admission starting from ¥900.

This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers looking to experience awe-inspiring views of Tokyo without breaking the bank.


Your best choice will depend on your budget and preferences.

If you want to experience the tallest structure in Japan and have the most amazing views, then Tokyo Skytree is the better choice.

However, if you are looking for a more affordable option and don’t mind missing out on the views from the top, then Tokyo Tower is a great choice.

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Here are some frequently asked questions.

What is the Tokyo Skytree?

It is the tallest structure in Tokyo, Japan, and is known for its impressive height of 634 meters.
It offers two observation decks that provide breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.

Are there any age restrictions for visiting the Tokyo SkyTree observation deck?

There are no specific age restrictions for visiting.
Everyone is welcome to enjoy the observation decks. However, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

How long can I stay on the observation decks at Skytree Tokyo?

There is no strict time limit for your stay on the observation decks. However, there might be time restrictions to accommodate all visitors during peak hours.

Can I visit the Tokyo Skytree at night?

It is open during the evening hours, offering visitors the chance to experience the city’s breathtaking skyline day and night.
The nighttime views are particularly stunning.

Can I take photographs on the observation decks?

Photography is allowed on the observation decks.
The stunning views provide fantastic opportunities for capturing memorable moments. Drones and the like are not allowed.

Are there any dining options at Skytree Tokyo?

At the attraction, various dining options are available, including cafes and restaurants.

Is the Skytree Tower Tokyo accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, it is accessible to individuals with disabilities. Elevators and facilities are designed to accommodate visitors with mobility challenges.

Can I buy souvenirs at the Tokyo Skytree?

Yes, there are shops on the lower floors where you can purchase gifts to remember your visit.

Is the Skytree Tower, Japan, open in bad weather?

The observation decks may close during adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds or storms, for safety reasons.

What to expect at Tokyo SkyTree

This is a masterpiece, reaching a staggering 634 meters (2080 ft).

On your visit, you’ll ascend to two remarkable observation decks, each offering a different perspective on the city and its surroundings.

The Tembo Deck, 350 meters (1148 ft) above the ground, offers mesmerizing and breathtaking vistas extending up to 70 kilometers (43 miles).

It features expansive five-meter-tall (16 ft) windows that frame Tokyo’s skyline and beyond, providing an unparalleled visual experience.

Next, the Tembo Galleria is 450 meters (1476 ft) above ground. It offers even more panoramic views, as well as a glass floor and a spiral skywalk.

The Sorakara Point on the 450th floor offers awe-inspiring views and a sense of walking among the clouds. It is also the highest point you can reach on Skytree.

While on the 350th floor, take your time to explore the informative exhibits that provide insights into Tokyo’s history, culture, and architectural marvels.

It’s a fascinating opportunity to learn more about the city you’re admiring from such great heights.

In addition to its observation decks, it has several other attractions, including restaurants, shops, and a planetarium.

The Skytree Tower is also a popular tourist destination for its unique architecture and symbolic status as a wonder of modern Japan.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography buff, or simply seeking an extraordinary adventure, Tower is a destination that will leave you in awe of Japan’s urban grandeur.

How to reach Tokyo SkyTree

This is only a short distance from Sensō-ji Buddhist temple.

Address: 1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-0045, Japan. Get Directions.

You can reach the attraction by bus, train, and car.

By Train

Train Station (Trains: Ryomo, Tobu Skytree Line) is only a minute from the Tower.

By Bus

Tokyo Sky Tree Town bus stop is only 5 minutes from the attraction.

By Car

If you’re traveling by car, turn on your Google Maps and get started.

There are parking garages near the attraction.


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