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After five years of construction, it was completed in 1980, coinciding with the Moscow Olympics.

Rising to a height of 314 meters (1030 feet), this tower swiftly emerged as a prominent symbol of Estonia.

In 1991, during the August Putsch against Gorbachev, Estonia declared independence from the Soviet Union. In response, Soviet forces attempted to seize the TV Tower, prompting people from across Estonia to rally in defense of the structure.

Shut for renovations in 2009, the iconic tower reopened to the public in 2012, boasting cutting-edge innovations and a host of new attractions.

Today, it stands proudly as one of the World Federation Of Great Towers members.

This article covers everything you must know before booking tickets to the Tallinn Tower.

Where to book tickets

Tickets can be bought online or at the attraction.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

When you book early, you also get your preferred time slot.

Because some attractions sell a limited number of tickets, during peak days they may sell out. Booking early also helps avoid last-minute disappointments.

How do online tickets work

Visit the booking page, and specify your planned travel date, time slot, and the number of tickets.

Once you complete the booking process, the tickets will be mailed to you.

You do not need to carry printouts.

Show the e-ticket to the staff on your smartphone. Carry a valid ID.

Tallinn TV Tower ticket prices

Tallinn TV Tower
Image: tripadvisor.in

The adult ticket cost for all ages above 18 is €17.

Children aged between seven and 17 and pensioners can gain access at €10

A family of two adults with up to five children can get special access at €35.

Tallinn TV Tower tickets

With these Tallinn Tower tour tickets, you can access the TV Tower and explore all the exhibitions, such as the Hall of Fame, History Exhibition, and News Anchor Video Recording Room.

You can also enter the children’s play area, the cafe, and  the 22nd floor up to 6 pm.

This ticket does not include a walk on the Edge, food and drinks, or a base boogie jump.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (18+ years): €17
Child Ticket (7 to 17 years): €10
Pensioner Ticket (with valid ID): €10
Family Ticket (2 adults + max 5 children): €35

Combo tickets

If you’re a local or international tourist, combo tickets are something you should know about.

Vienna is teeming with iconic attractions, and quite a few are near the Danube Tower, all within 30 minutes by car.

Combo tickets can help you visit them all by booking just once and at a much-discounted rate!

Tallinn TV Tower + Seaplane Harbour tickets

Tallinn TV Tower + Seaplane Harbour
Image: tripadvisor.com.au

Distance: 11.4 km (7.08 miles)

Time Taken: 16 minutes by car

Bolster your trip to combine it with a tour of Seaplane Harbour in Tallinn.

The Seaplane Harbour is an Estonian maritime museum.

In addition to exploring the wonders of the Tallinn TV Tower, this combo ticket grants you entry to the museum boats in the waterplane hangar, the flying harbor ticket, which includes seasonal shows, and admission to the ‘Sex and Sea Education’ exhibit.

Ticket Cost: €29

Tallinn TV Tower + Skywheel Tallinn tickets

Tallinn TV Tower + Skywheel Tallinn
Image: tiqets.com

Distance: 11.6 km (7.20 miles)

Time Taken: 15 minutes by car

Enhance your trip to the combine it with the Skywheel of Tallinn Adventure.

The Skywheel of Tallinn is a Ferris wheel that takes you as high as 120 meters (394 feet) above sea level.

The Skywheel itself is 45 meters (148 feet) across, sitting on a 35-meter-high (114 feet) mall, situated on a 40-meter-high (131 feet) hill.

All these combinations make it the second-highest observation point in Tallinn after the Tallinn Tower.

Apart from the treasures of Tallinn TV Tower, this combo ticket gives you access to the world-class observation pods of Tallinn Skywheel for a one-of-a-kind Ferris wheel ride that encapsulates the gorgeous beauty of Tallinn.

Ticket Cost: €24

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Tallinn TV Tower restaurants

The Restaurant and Cafe sits atop the 22nd floor of the TV Tower at a height of 175 meters (574 feet).

The intimate café-restaurant uses top-notch local produce to present well-known Estonian flavors in a modern setting.

In addition to its breathtaking view, the restaurant serves dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients from small-scale producers, complemented by warm hospitality and freshly baked homemade bread.

A prior reservation is required.

Access to the restaurant during the day requires the purchase of a ticket to the TV Tower.

The restaurant is open from 10 am to 6 pm from Sunday to Wednesday, and till 9 pm between Thursday and Saturday.

Opening hours of Tallinn TV Tower

It is open to visitors every day from 10 am to 7 pm.

On September 1, the TV Tower is open from 2 pm onwards.

The cafe and restaurant are open every day from 10 am to 9 pm.

During the daytime, admission to the cafe and restaurant is included in the TV Tower ticket.  

However, after 6 pm, you need to purchase a restaurant ticket separately.

How long does the Tallinn TV Tower take

The duration for the Tallinn Tower tour is 60 to 70 minutes.

If you partake in activities such as the Edge Walk or plan to eat at the tower, you should budget 2 to 2.5 hours for the trip.

Best time to visit Tallinn TV Tower

The best time to visit the Tallinn Tower is at 10 am as it opens for visitors.

Visiting during this time lets you enjoy your trip without any rush and top it up with a delicious brunch at the Tower Cafe.

The view from the Tallinn Tower right before sunset is mesmerizing, and hence, evenings are also great to plan a visit.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Is the Tallinn TV Tower disability friendly?

Yes, this has wheelchair accessibility everywhere except the outer deck of the 22nd floor.

Is there a cloakroom facility available at the tower?

Yes, the cloakroom facility is available on the ground floor of the Tallinn Tower.

What are the Tallinn TV Tower Cafe opening hours?

The Cafe and restaurant is open every day from 10am to 9pm.

What is the base jump boogie at Tallinn TV Tower?

Participants leap from the tower’s heights, freefalling before deploying their parachutes, all against the stunning backdrop of Tallinn’s skyline.

What to expect at Tallinn TV Tower

Originally designed for communication, the Tower was completed in 1980 during the Soviet era.

It represented the technological superiority of the Soviet Union and now represents Estonia’s inventiveness and independence after being repaired in 2012.

Take a quick 45-second ride in a high-speed lift that will whisk you 170 meters (558 feet) up to the top of the Tower.

As the vibrant cityscape unfolds below, the glass-walled elevator provides an exhilarating visual journey.

Upon reaching the observation platform, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of Tallinn and its surrounding areas.

The Baltic Sea, Tallinn’s historic center, and the verdant Estonian countryside are all visible for up to 55 km in every direction on a clear day.

Embark on a Walk on the Edge experience, where you’ll be harnessed and guided onto a thrilling, yet precarious ledge encircling the tower. This exhilarating adventure will challenge your courage as you absorb the breathtaking views below.

Immerse yourself in Estonia’s history, from its Soviet occupation to its hard-won independence. Gain insight into how social, political, and technological progress has shaped the nation today through engaging, modern exhibits.

The Restaurant at the 22nd floor slowly rotates 175 meters (575 feet) above the ground,  giving you a continually shifting perspective of Tallinn and its surroundings, while allowing you to feast on delicious Estonian cuisine.

How to reach Tallinn TV Tower

The Tallinn Tower can be found in close proximity to the Pirita suburb, situated approximately 6 km (3.7 miles) to the north-east of the center of Tallinn.

Address: Kloostrimetsa tee 58a, 15026 Tallinn, Estonia. Get Directions.

The Tallinn Tower is well-connected to public transportation.

By Bus

Teletorn bus station is a 4-minute walk away from the Tower.

Pärnamäe Tee is a 12-minute walk away.

Bus lines to Tallinn Tower:

– 34, Hobujaama (Ajutine)
– 38, Muuga
– 49, Viimsi Keskus 2
– 173, Pirita
– V6, Haabneeme – Leppneeme – Randvere – Mähe – Muuga

By Car

You can put your starting point here to navigate to the Tallinn Tower.

Cars for rent and taxis for hire are easily available.

There are parking spots near the Tower.

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