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Vienna conjures images of a regal imperial heritage, adorned opera houses, captivating architecture, and refined artistry in the collective consciousness.

Many generations and civilisations have crafted and built this city over centuries.

One of its iconic structures, the Danube Tower, or the Donauturm, ascends into the heavens, offering a perspective of the city that surpasses the wildest imaginations of its original architects.

A brilliant emblem of the 1960s, the Tower stands tall at a remarkable 252 meters (827 feet), with its observation terrace lifting you up to 150 meters (492 feet) for an awe-inspiring 360-degree panorama of the city.

This article covers everything you must know before booking tickets.

Where to book tickets

Entry Tickets are available online and onsite.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

When you book early, you also get your preferred time slot.

Because some attractions sell a limited number of tickets, during peak days they may sell out. Booking early also helps avoid last-minute disappointments.

How do online tickets work

Visit the booking page to specify your planned travel date, time slot, and the number of tickets and book.

Once you complete the booking process, the tickets will be mailed to you.

You do not need to carry printouts.

Show the e-ticket on your smartphone at the entrance and walk in. Carry a valid ID.

Danube Tower ticket cost

For Vienna Skip-the-Line Entrance Ticket to the Tower, adult tickets for all ages between 20 and 64 cost €13.

Children between the ages of six and 14 can gain access at €8.

Youths aged between 15 and 19, along with seniors above 64 years of age can enter at €10.

Infants under five years of age are charged €4 for access.

Danube Tower tickets

Danube Tower
Image: donauturm.at

The tickets give you access to a skip-the-line ticket for the tower.

You will get entrance to both the inside glass panel and the outside section of the terrace.

You can feast on delicious traditional cuisine at the cafe poised at 170 meters (557 feet) and at the restaurant one floor above.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (20 to 64 years): €13
Child Ticket (6 to 14 years): €8
Youth Ticket (15 to 19 years): €10
Senior Ticket (64+ years): €10
Infant Ticket (up to 5 years): €4

Combo tickets

Vienna boasts a plethora of iconic attractions, many of which lie in close proximity to the Tower, easily accessible within a 30-minute drive.

Combo tickets can help you visit them all by booking just once and at a much-discounted rate!

Danube Tower + Tiergarten Schönbrunn tickets

Danube Tower + Tiergarten Schönbrunn
Image: thebettervacation.com

Distance: 15 km (9.3 miles)

Time Taken: 30 minutes by car

Enhance your trip to the Tower with a combined ticket that offers entry to the Tiergarten Schonbrunn, or the Vienna Zoo, in addition to the majestic Tower.

In addition to its distinction as the oldest zoo globally, Schoenbrunn Zoo stands out as one of the most advanced, forming an integral part of the Schoenbrunn UNESCO World Heritage Site since its establishment in 1752.

Encompassing 17 hectares, visitors can behold a rich diversity of 700 distinct species hailing from various corners of the globe, including some that face critical endangerment.

The Tower provides views of Vienna’s sprawling urban scape, while the Vienna Zoo is a preservatory of nature and wildlife.

Combining these two attractions in one day gives you a one-of-its-kind experience that lets you bask in the ingenuity of city life and the beauty of sprawling wildernesses on the same day.

Ticket Cost: €37

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Danube Tower restaurants

Danube Tower restaurants
Image: donauturm.at

The Tower has two eateries: The Turm Cafe and the Turm Restaurant.

The Turm Cafe is located one floor above the observation deck at a height of 160 meters (524 feet).

It provides a more relaxed dining atmosphere and is a nice spot to have pastries, coffee, and light snacks.

The Turm Restaurant is located one floor above the Turm Cafe at a height of 170 meters (557 feet).

The restaurant slowly rotates, allowing you to take in 360 degree views and shifting perspectives of the sprawling Vienna skyline while you enjoy your meal.

Typically, the restaurant serves gourmet and upmarket food, including Austrian and other international fare.

The Turm Restaurant is open for lunch from 11.30 am to 4 pm on Wednesdays to Sundays and public holidays; for dinner, the restaurant operates from 6 pm to 10.15 pm.

The restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Opening hours of Danube Tower

It is open to visitors from 10 am until 10.30 pm throughout the week.
The last ascent is 9.45 pm, and the final descent is 10.15 pm.
If the weather is inclement, the opening hours might change at short notice.

How long does the Danube Tower take

The Tour will take you around 90 minutes from start to finish.

However, if you plan to dine in at one of the tower eateries, please make sure to budget an extra hour.

Best time to visit Danube Tower

The best time to visit is before sunset.

You’ll witness the historic city of Vienna basking in sunlight, observe the gradual arrival of twilight, and then behold the majestic city as it illuminates gracefully through the night.

However, the sunset draws in a multitude of visitors, making it a particularly busy time.

For a more serene experience, consider planning your visit at 10 am, just as the tower opens, to savor the tranquility and avoid the crowds.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Is the Danube Tower disability friendly?

Yes, the Tower has wheelchair access and allows service animals.
Strollers are not allowed, and the staff will show you a place at the entrance where you can deposit them.

Is access to the Turm Cafe and Turm Restaurant included with the Danube Tower Entry Ticket?

No, the Tower entry ticket does not guarantee access to the cafe and restaurants. These require a separate reservation.

Are there price discounts for any groups at the Danube Tower?

Yes, children, youth card holders, and senior citizens with appropriate IDs get discounted entry tickets.

At the same time, people with disabilities can get access at nominal fees or even free of cost with their disabilities pass.

Is there a time limitation on my visit to the Danube Tower?

No, once inside, you can explore at your leisure until closing time.

Can I take my tripod/monopod inside the Danube Tower?

While photography is encouraged in the tower, commercial photography with the use of equipment such as tripods is not allowed unless appropriate permission is obtained.

Are outside eatables allowed at the Danube Tower?

No, outside eatables are not allowed.

What to expect at Danube Tower

A breathtaking aerial gateway into the essence of the city, this 252-meter-tall (826 feet) tower, built in 1964, was meticulously crafted by the visionary architect Hannes Lintl.

As you near the colossal tower, enter the serene expanse of the beautiful Donaupark (Danube Park) area situated on the northern banks of the Danube.

Be whisked away to the giddy height of 150 meters (492 feet) in just 35 seconds after you step into the state-of-the-art elevators.

Watch the landscape materialize before you as the elevator ascends.

Once you step onto the observation deck, prepare for breathtaking panoramic vistas, treating your senses to a soul-nourishing 360-degree vision of Vienna.

On clear days, you can behold the city’s historic gems, including St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Schönbrunn Palace, and the lush expanse of the Vienna Woods, stretching for miles.

Admire the majestic flow of the Danube River and the rolling hills of Lower Austria.

The terrace has a fully accessible outdoor platform and a two-story glass-paned indoor section, which allows you to bathe in the city views irrespective of the weather.

Indulge in a delightful culinary journey at the Tower’s revolving cafe and restaurant, spread across multiple floors for an unforgettable dining experience.

Both eateries complete a revolution around their axis every 26 minutes, giving you a surreal dining experience with ever-changing views of the city.

The observation terrace is equipped with high-tech virtual panorama screens, where you can zoom in on the city’s views

The observation terrace is equipped with high-tech virtual panorama screens, where you can zoom in on the city’s views and learn about the history of particular attractions.

Witnessing the Tower at sunset is an exceptionally enchanting experience, as the city metamorphoses under the twinkle of lights, etching a memory that will linger in your heart forever.

How to reach Danube Tower

The Tower is situated in the Donaupark area of Vienna’s 22nd district, near the Danube River.

Address: Donauturmplatz 1, 1220 Wien, Austria. Get Directions.

The Tower is well-connected to all public transportation.

By Bus

The Warhanekgasse bus station is just a 5-minute walk from the tower.

The Arbeiterinnenstrand bus stop is just a 7-minute walk away.

The Vienna Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off tourist bus drops off passengers at the Tower on the Blue Line, at the stop Donauturm.

By Train

Kaisermühlen-Vic, Wien, is an 11-minute walk away.

Neue Donau station is a 17-minute walk away.

By Car

Put your starting point here to navigate to the Tower.

Cars for rent and taxis for hire are easily available.

There are parking spots near the Tower.

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